360 Degree Academy 

We are a diverse social justice focused company seeking to transform online learning for people with disabilities by offering carefully curated content taught by members of our own community.

Our Core Values


High-quality online courses for people with disabilities, senior citizens, and their communities from anywhere in the world. Subtitles, voice overs, transcripts, and visual descriptors in every course.


All course instructors are supremely qualified and willing to share insights from their professional and business experience, making for a top-notch learning experience.


We use technology to empower individuals with disabilities and senior citizens to advocate for themselves, pursue their goals, and undertake philanthropic activities.


We are all inclusive of people from all walks of life. Our 360-degree diversity ensures rich learning, teaching, and sharing experiences within our ecosystem.


Our platform promotes the democratization of innovation to form economic partnerships, share business insights, and drive new ideas from inception to implementation.


Form economic partnerships among senior citizens and people with disabilities.


Find new and improved ways to acquire and provide knowledge, skills, and training.


Create positive social change by donating to charitable organizations.


Honor all promises and commitments by delivering desired results.